November 2, 1956

Born in Tacoma Washington to Norma and Raymond Hart
1960 - 1962 Attended Pre-school
1962 Matriculated to Kindergarten at Lowell Elementary, Tacoma, Washington
1963 Started piano Lessons.
Hated it.
Started Ballet.
1965 Heard the Beatles for the
1st time in Randy Hudson's Living room
1967 Started Drum Lessons
Parents procure Drum set
Rock On.
Quit Ballet.
1968 Piano Lessons stop.
Start Trumpet in Band at Lowell.
First Neighborhood
Band Assembles .


Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, Stones,
Janis Joplin, Doors....
Listening, Listening, Listening
1970 Switch from Trumpet to tuba. Too Big, Switch to French horn ... Much better
1971 Starting to write some music on my own for Piano and Horns
1972 Jason Lee Jr. High is full of excellent players.
Meet Mark Ceccarelli.
Off to Stadium High School,
Tacoma, Washington
Band is  my central focus.
Parents worried.
Interest in Piano and keys blooms-.
also,  playing in the school
Band practice rooms.
I Get break and move to concert band.
Also become marching band
drum major. 
" Follow me People"


Start Learning the
family business at PSI
1974 Go to Taiwan for summer
Mandarin language study
1974 Playing in local Rock band for weddings, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, and bowling socials
1975 Graduate from
Stadium High School
1975 Move to Seattle,  to attend University of Washington
1975 Become a Christian
1975 Chick Corea, Return to forever, Yes, Tower of Power, Average white band, Ew&f, Bob James,
Listen - listen -listen,
Join UW Jazz lab.
Work with Joe Brazil.
I look like a golf caddy.
1977 While in college-  I join the Funk Band "Perfunkuity, Play Seattle high Schools and "the Embers"
1978 Become a business
major at UW.
1979 Start selling marine electronics at PSI. Can you spell radar?
 1981 Graduate UW and Start working full time at PSI
 1984 Begin writing Music Seriously with Fender Rhodes Suitcase 88 and Moog Synthesizers
 1985 Add ARP Synthesizer to rig
Finish Studio Room
in West Seattle. Turn it up!
 1987 Son Richard Tyler Hart is Born!
 1988 - 1990  Studio work and composition
 1990 Buy Emerald Ridge Ranch
and Move to Eastern King County

Remodel- Remodel-Remodel
Yamaha DX-7... this Thing is cool
1993 Son Nicholas Leidy  Hart is Born!


Big Fire at PSI Seattle!
1994 Remodel Stables
With over 150 songs written
Start thinking about my first original album
1996 ...Still Thinking
Decide to record music to MIDI, and procure a Mac.
Procure additional equipment
Break through on "Trinidad", and "Hope after heartache" ,
Join NMEA on Board of Directors
Start my own personal
Y2k disaster
Move to Tacoma,
start writing music in earnest

2001 - 2003

"We the People", "Windows",
"88 Reasons", "She was Sunday"
I am a writing fool
Richard and Donna in Kyoto, Japan
Donna and I Marry
Turns 40 !
Donna's Son Matt Raske
Becomes a USMC Officer
Full scale production on
"Hope after heartache" Begins with
Blue Glass Music
2007 "Hope after heartache" music video sampler hits the web 1/1/2007
2007 "Hope after heartache"  CD
goes on sale in Jan.2007!!
2007 Andrea Adams and
Richard Hart launch
ALM Management Group Website
2008 Greg Adams and
Richard Hart launch
East Bay Soul
2008 Working on "Christian Relaxation" (the book and the study series).
CD (with music) will follow.
2009 Still working on
"Mediterranean Man"  the CD, Hopefully this will be available in late 2009 or early 2010.
"It's a process.."
2009 Learning PHP and MYSQL.
It is slightly harder than Chinese.
Donna and I start our
new venture
in Costa Rica!
Come visit us soon!
2009 Tyler Hart is elected President
of the ATO House at WSU
Pullman, Wa.
(Cougs... !?$^&^%)
2009 is open for business. Phase One is Web
HD Video Commercials
for product placements.
2009 Nicky Hart helps lead his
3A High School Baseball Team
 to State Playoffs!
Go Nicky!
2010 opens  for HD Video Commercials
for product placements. Over 100 videos built to date!
2010 Nicky Hart Graduates from Liberty High School... Going to WSU
Go Nicky!
2010 Tyler Hart Graduates from WSU... Double degrees in Communications and Psychology! Grandpa Ray and Grandma Norma would dig that!
Go Tyler!
2010 Me  (1)
Non-Hodkins Lymphoma (0)
Thanks God!
2010 MarineChannel spins off
new division ""
2011 produces its
1000th HD Web Video
2011 Richard and Donna Hart sell
2012 Videoture moves to
new "Studio A" in Tacoma, Washington
2013 Videoture updates website with Client based stories
and completed videos
2014 SBHAWAII (Super Beaches HAwaii)completes 300th beach saga with video and pictures.
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